How to Become a Firefighter in Mississippi – Career and Jobs

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How to Become a Firefighter in Mississippi

Firefighter Career in Mississippi

Firefighters across the world are one of the ideal people serving the true essence of humanity. Trained firefighters are skilled at serving to safeguard locations and people against fires regardless of the situation they are in. They attend to fire calamities at forests, rural areas, and urban high-rises. With their first and foremost aim set at protecting lives, they relentlessly serve the people to save their properties in the event of the fire.

Firefighters can choose to work their way up starting with a volunteer firefighter opportunity at a local fire station in Mississippi, and then can advance to couple their skills with a high school diploma. Ones looking to achieve higher in the realm can also back their skills with a fire science degree that gets them geared up for responsibilities at the state or federal level. Getting detailed insights into each type of the course and what each of it entails helps you make an informed choice.

To help you with the same, here is our comprehensive guide.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Firefighter in Mississippi

The process to land up into a particular job or profession begins with obtaining relevant certifications in the corresponding field from firefighter academy in Mississippi and garnering time-backed experience. As being a firefighter, education requirements don’t go too beyond a significant level. Nevertheless, there are other requirements that need your attention:

  1. Educational Requirements: Complete high school and acquire a relevant degree in the corresponding specialization.
  2. Minimum Age: Candidate must be at least 18 years old to pursue a course in fire science. Additionally, the one opting for advanced-level courses must be between 30 to 35 years of age.
  3. Training in Paramedic: Every firefighter is required to present an EMT certification.
  4. Driving License: Applicant should possess a license to drive across the state, along with possessing experience in the same to identify the location and nearest routes in the time of duty.
  5. Legal Records: An applicant with a criminal history will be disqualified in the initial round itself.
  6. Physical Prerequisites: As they may be needed to act vigilantly during the work hours. For that reason, firefighters should be physically active to perform their duties.
  7. Medical Ailments: People having respiratory conditions cannot operate heavy machinery in the fire locations. Therefore, the candidates should be free from any such diseases.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Mississippi Firefighter?

Firefighters are the heroes who work to save lives by putting out the fires as well as help people if they get stuck in the buildings. In some cases, they are supposed to inspect the fire and dig deep into the cause. Some of the general duties of a firefighter include:

  1. Extinguishing fires
  2. Rescuing victims
  3. Spreading awareness about fire and related hazards
  4. Fire investigation

Mississippi Firefighter Certification Training

Fire science profession requires a lot of skills garnered by adequate training during the education and certification of Mississippi students. Aspiring candidates are required to earn their career certification by going through a basic course curriculum and clearing the standard examinations. That said, they can also choose from available advanced options.

Students can opt for technical certificates in fire administration like fire risk management, etc. and pave their way to specific career streams.

Various types of fire science degrees include:

  1. Certificate in Fire Science
  2. Associate Fire Science Degree
  3. Bachelor’s Fire Science Degree
  4. Master’s Fire Science Degree

Here are the options you can choose from depending on your career demands:

Career GoalCertificateAssociateBachelor’sMaster’sOnline
Already working as a firefighter but would like to enhance the skills without going through long classroom teachingx
Already have skills to become a firefighter but would like to attain the knowledge to pass the testsx
Determined to make firefighting a lifelong career backed by education and management skills. The goal is to serve until retirement as a fire chiefx
Firefighters with experience in homeland security work and would want to leap to a federal positionx
Looking to become a firefighter and less time and more knowledgex

Firefighter School in Mississippi

1. Meridian Community College

Meridian Community College is the only firefighter training academy in the state of Mississippi. Here are the highlights for you:

  1. Tuition Fee: $2,200 for in-state and $3,600 for out-of-state students
  2. Acceptance Rate: 31.39%
  3. Student Population: 4,759
  4. Mode of Education: Both Online and Campus Teaching
  5. Courses Offered: Certificate in Fire Science/Firefighting and Associate’s in Fire Science and Firefighting

Firefighter Salary in Mississippi

Similar to every other profession, how much a Firefighter gets paid in Mississippi can vary depending on the location and employee’s experience, certifications, education, and skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, firefighters can expand their careers with postsecondary education and certifications, specifically at the paramedic level. Additionally, while some firefighters work in very small departments subjected to limited budgets, others work in urban areas with much higher financial offers.

The median salary of various firefighter specializations are as follows:

  1. Firefighter: $46,870
  2. Forestry Fire Prevention Specialist: $36,650
  3. Building Inspector: $57,340
  4. Arson Investigator: $56,730
  5. Paramedic: $31,980

If you are wondering how much do they earn a year, here is how the average annual income for the candidates with 10th, 50th, and 90th percentile look like:

Job Role10th Percentile50th Percentile90th Percentile
Fire Inspector and Investigator$27,240$43,950$60,590
Fire Service Supervisors$22,400$37,510$69,650

Firefighter Jobs in Mississippi

The work profile of a firefighter is absolutely integral to community safety and security, thereby creating a massive demand across the globe. With over 400 fire stations across the state of Mississippi, there are plenty of opportunities for the firefighters.

The state recruits over 3,000 firefighters to protect against wild and urban fires. It has nearly 100 fire inspectors and investigators along with over 2,060 emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics. Further, the employment of firefighters in the United States is expected to increase by 5% every year between 2014 and 2024.

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