How to Become a Firefighter in Nevada

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How to Become a Firefighter in Nevada

Firefighter Career in Nevada

Firefighters are the courageous people who address fire hazards whenever they occur in any part of the state. They aim to protect citizens, minimize the loss to human lives and property as well as guide and educate the people about fire hazards.

The professionals employed in fire departments are capable of putting out fires in every part of the state whether they are forests or rural and urban areas. Additionally, fire science experts and EMT or paramedics in Nevada are skilled at managing emergency situations while mitigating fire risks, inspect and qualify the buildings to avoid fire accidents, and also enable first-response health services.

Pursuing a career in fire science requires a great deal of courage and selfless spirit besides experience-backed knowledge and education. People willing to put forth a perfect start to their career in fire science can get started by opting for a volunteer firefighter position. After they acquire necessary insight, they can advance their skills and expertise by taking up a course in fire science from one of the firefighter academies in Nevada.

They can choose from a wide range of fire science degree options available according to their career goals along with existing knowledge and experience. Once you have attained experience and expertise, Nevada helps you grow with a promising career in fire science with an excellent annual income.

You can follow the article beyond to know everything about pursuing a career as a firefighter in Nevada.

Steps to Become a Firefighter in Nevada

To become a firefighter in Nevada, a professional is expected to undergo the following process:

  1. Check the eligibility criteria and prepare a checklist for yourself.
  2. Take the necessary tests to get the certification stamp on your skills and abilities.
  3. Qualify the rigorous physical fitness tests to ensure that you are fit for the profession of fire science expert.
  4. Get your EMT certification.
  5. Join a firefighter training academy to attain formal education.
  6. Learn, apply, and evolve as you work.

Eligibility Criteria to Become a Firefighter in Nevada

Even though there is nothing much when it comes to educational qualification in order to become a firefighter in Nevada, you are expected to satisfy other aspects recognized under the eligibility criteria.

In other words, to become a firefighter in Nevada, you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old
  2. Have acquired a high school diploma or equivalent
  3. Have no criminal record
  4. Have a valid driver’s license.
  5. Satisfy employment prerequisites in terms of background, pre-employment physical and drug screening, and psychological evaluation.

What does a Nevada State Firefighter do?

There is a wide range of activities counted under the work profile of a firefighter in Nevada. It basically includes (but does not limit to):

  1. Putting off fires
  2. Rescue victims from fire accident locations
  3. Educate people about fire accidents and related hazards
  4. Investigate the cause of the fire

Nevada Firefighter Certification Training

Choosing a career as a professional in fire science needs you to be vigilant and available at all times to avoid emergency situations and general danger. That’s typically why aspiring firefighters are subject to intense training during the initial days of their work, which includes knowledge sharing via classroom programs along with on-field training to implement that knowledge.

Nevada supports your aspiration by offering you extensive college programs enabled by public and private colleges. These programs aim at holistic development of a student as a fire science expert. Candidates can gear themselves upon their roles and responsibilities as fire science professionals. Besides, these courses also prepare the students to attain the traits required and implement them in the field.

Options available for candidates are:

  1. Certification program in fire science
  2. Associate degree program in fire science
  3. Bachelor’s degree program in fire science
  4. Master’s degree program in fire science
  5. Online course in fire science

Top Firefighter Schools in Nevada

Following colleges and universities offer fire science degrees to the aspiring candidates in Nevada.

School & Location Tuition Fee & Students Acceptance Rate Course Type Programs
College of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas Natives: $2,535 Non-natives: $9,180 Population: 54,113 9.42% Online & Campus Certificate in Fire Science
Great Basin College, Elko Natives: $2,535 Non-natives: $9,180 Population: 4,456 24.04% Online & Campus Certificate in Fire Science Associate’s in Fire Science
Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno Natives: $2,535 Non-natives: $9,180 Population: 16,017 27.90% Online & Campus Certificate in Fire Science Associate’s in Fire Science

Firefighter Salary in Nevada

Nevada has a large pool of opportunities to offer when it comes to firefighter jobs, and the Nevada firefighters get paid well to support their families. The annual income for the professionals under various ranks and divisions are determined by the location of employment, educational background, and certifications.

In the following table, we have mentioned how much they earn annually at entry level (10th percentile), median level (50th percentile), and advanced level (90th percentile):

Nevada Fire Science Careers 10th Percentile 50th Percentile 90th Percentile
Fire Inspectors and Investigators $67,480 $67,550 $97,880
Fire Service Supervisors $31,720 $48,870 $67,480

For other specializations, the median salary is as mentioned below:

  1. Firefighter: $46,870
  2. Forestry Fire Prevention Specialist: $36,650
  3. Arson Investigator: $56,730
  4. Paramedic: $31,980

Firefighter Jobs in Nevada

Nevada has developed a strong protection system against fire hazards with 1,600 fire science professionals along with 210 fire inspectors employed in a number of fire stations in Nevada. With over 8% expected increase in annual job offerings, the employment opportunities are only going to increase in the upcoming times.

Nevada is more about the Las Vegas and Reno. However, that does not restrict firefighters to these locations only. They are expected to address fire hazards even in smaller towns and stretches of remote deserts, forests, and wildlands.

Skills that increase your chances of getting hired as a firefighter in Nevada include:

  1. Physical strength and stamina to handle heavy equipment in dangerous and adverse conditions
  2. Excellent communication skills to connect while conducting educational sessions for citizens
  3. Outstanding decision-making ability to make accurate choices in emergency situations
  4. Courage to face adverse situations and tackle them.

Resourceful Links for Firefighters in Nevada

1. Nevada State Firefighter’s Association

NSFA, represents and works towards the general safety and welfare of the firefighters working in Nevada.

2. Nevada Fire Chief Association

NFCA is an association of the state Firefighters that supports and promotes the fire service professionals in Nevada. It has job opportunities for full time fire fighters, as well as volunteer firefighters.

3. State Fire Marshal Division, Nevada

This government body is responsible for the agency management of fire chief marshals, fire prevention education in coordination with public safety community, along with training, recruitment, licensing/permitting to new fire personnel, fire protection engineering and investigative services.

4. Job Opportunities by State Government of Nevada

The State of Nevada publishes here regular job opportunities for Nevada firefighters.

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