60 Invaluable Online Firefighter Resources

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60 Invaluable Online Firefighter Resources

1. SFFMA : SFFMA is the largest and oldest fire association of Texas, formed in 1876 to serve the fire and emergency responders.  The association offers various fire service resources, full certification packet, current exam, training, available grants, and more information.

2. Maine Fire Service Institute : Maine Fire Service Institute, a division of Southern Maine Community College provides Firefighters National Fire Academy Programs, Training and Certification, Training Props and Equipments, and Continuing Education.

3. gov Department of Fire Services : offers a wide array of Fire Service resources including firefighter training, fire prevention, public education, licensing, fire investigation, hazardous material response, and emergency response services.

4. Georgia Fire Academy : is a division of Georgia Public Safety Training Center. The GA Fire Academy provides a vast array of firefighters resources and advanced and specialized entry-level to chief officer level certified and accredited basic training, courses, and programs certified by the Georgia Fire Standards and Training Council,and accredited by the Pro Board.


5. National Fire Protection Association : (NFPA) is internationally known resources hub on electrical, fire and related hazards prevention, protection, and safety. NFPA provides classroom, online, and on-site training, certifications, state-approved continuing education, public education, NEPA Codes and Standards, and more resources.

6. International Association of Fire Fighters : (IAFF) provides a vast range of resources on the fire and emergency services. They offer Programs and Services, IAAF Online Store, Health & Safety, Job Centre, EMS Continuing Education and Training programs, and additional Tools & Resources.

7. International Fire Service Training Association : (IFSTA) offers IFSTA in-classroom face-to-face instruction and Online curriculum, courses, training, learning resources, Fire & Safety Research, and high-quality education and fire training materials.

8. California Department of Forestry and Fire : popularly known as Cal Fire is Western United State’s largest full service all risk fire department, and America’s second largest municipal fire department. Cal Fire training center provides a wide array of training in fire prevention, fire protection, fire crew management, and resource management. Cal Fire also offers Aviation Programs, Fire Safety education, and nursery programs. The additional resources also include Forestry tips, Research & Development programs, Career opportunities for Fire Fighters, EMS and Paramedics, Engineers, and Fire Protection guidance resources.

9. The National Volunteer Fire Council : (NVFC) serves the interests of the volunteer firefighters, EMS, and rescue services responders with firefighters resources, training, and programs. NVFC offers 60 online courses including CEUs on fire and emergency topics through their virtual classroom and completion Certificates. The courses and supplemental materials and resources are downloadable. There are also various resources for preventing cancer among firefighters. The NVFC Volunteers are also eligible for Firefighter Support Fund. The website also offers valuable resources including safety equipment, vehicles, protective gears, staffing to Fire departments and non-EMS organizations.

10. The Fire Department of the City of New York : (FDNY) offers a wide range of Fire & Life Safety Resources including Publications, Printable Flyers, Printable Tip Sheets, Community Programs, Learning Experiences, NYC Fire Code rules, and many more resources and services.

11. The International Association of Black Professional Firefighters : (IABPFF) covers all US Regions including North Central Region, North East Region, North West Region, South Central Region, South East Region, and South West regions, and the Caribbean. The IABPFF provides Firefighters training and education in partnership with Waldorf IABPFF Recruitment Centre, FRC offers Entry Level to Chief Officer’s career opportunities in Fire Departments and EMS Agencies.

12. S.Fire Administration : (USFA) is a department of the U.S. Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency that provides National Fire preparedness, preventions, responses, and emergency services. The department offers free campus and online Training and education programs in partnership with the National Fire Academy (NFA). The department also offers resources for training and professional development, free materials for fire safety and prevention, research on fire suppression, detection, and notification systems, and information on latest technologies and products on fire prevention.

13. The Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASNY) : has been offering Fire education and training since 1872. FASNY provides valuable resources to members and non-members including tools for Recruitment, Fire Prevention, and Health and Wellness, Youth in the Fire Service programs, Cancer Benefits programs, Scholarship and Awards, and additional volunteer resources.

14. Wildland Firefighter Foundation : is an association for supporting and helping families of those wildland firefighters who have lost their lives or injured when performing their duties. The resources include guidance and consultation, Camp Hope, a retreat for grieving children to get together, support through grief recovering specialists, financial and logistical support, help in recovering from Trauma and PTSD for wellness, suicide prevention and resilience, Santa’s Helper fund for children, and legacy preservation. The additional resources comprise of Suicide Prevention Lifeline, Inpatient Treatment Centres, Grief recovering Tips, The PTSD Coach app and other similar Apps to recover from the symptoms of Trauma, stress, and other mental issues.

15. The Norwalk Fire Department : consists of several divisions including Administration, Emergency Management, Apparatus Maintenance, Fire Inspection, Investigation, and Prevention, Fire Station Operation, and Training. The Safety Library of the division offers various invaluable resources for preparing Fire, Hurricanes, Winter Preparedness, Flooding, and Health. The department also provides resources for Fire and Emergency recovering, preparing, and responding. The other resources include Emergency Alerts and Fire Victims Fund.,

16.  DNR Wildfire  : is Washington State’s largest on-call fire department and provides valuable resources for fighting wildfires. DNR Wildfire also offers free of cost wildland fire training to all its affiliate firefighting agencies through its three wildfire training academies. It also provides career opportunities, Volunteer Fire Assistance Funding, and more services and resources.

17. The National Wildfire Coordinating Group : (NWCG) provide national leadership in coordinating wildland fire operations among States, federal, local, territorial, and tribal partners. NWCG also provides valuable resources including Publications, Training Catalogue, Online Courses, Training Quicklinks, Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program, FEMA Course Information and Guidance and Tips.

18. The U. S. Forest Service : protects and manages national forest and grasslands. The agency is also the world’s largest research organization and provides high standard wildland firefighting team. They offer latest and update Wide Land Fire Training and Courses to wildland fire professionals across the country and bring their knowledge and skills up to date in Firefighting. The agency also provides valuable information on Fire Management and Careers in Wideland Fire. The additional resource on Safe and Effective Wildfire Response includes Aviation, Firefighters and Wildland Fires professionals, Managing Fire, Fire Publication, Risk Management & Firefighter Safety & Health, eMedical, Work Capacity Test, Training, Interagency Fire Program Management Standard (IFPM), and Incident Business Practices.

19. The Rural Information Center : (RIC) is a part of the National Agricultural Library (NAL). RIC offers valuable resources and information to Rural Fire Departments including Planning Resources, Funding, and Program Assistance, Training Resources, Statistics and Data Resources, Publication, and more Resources.

20. Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute : (FRTI) is an extension of the University Of Missouri (MU). They provide a world-class online and hands-on education and training to fire and emergency service professionals. The Training Courses and Programs are available on vast and diversified Fire, Rescue, and EMS fields. MU/FRTI also offers Degree and Certificate Programs.

21. International Association of Arson Investigation (IAAI) : provides fire investigation training, certifications, and designations to worldwide fire and arson investigators. IAAI also offers Publications and Resources to assist fire investigators, along with Online Training and Self Study, Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide App, and more.

22. Net : is an association of IAAI, and offers valuable online resources to Fire Investigators including modules for Careers as per NFPA standard. Also, CFITrainer provides accredited and certified Fire Investigators Training Programs, Tests, and Certificates. The Online Courses or modules for the Global Fire Investigators training consist of texts, audios, videos, animations, Virtual Reality, and graphics.

23. The International Association of Fire Safety Science : (IAFSS) was founded with an aim to reduce and prevent the detrimental effects of fires and a forum for submitting the results of these researches. IAFSS also provides educational and Fire Search Engine resources.

24. The International Association of Fire Chiefs : (IAFC) provides leadership to global firefighters and emergency responders. IAFC provides resources on comprehensive Education and Learning. The In-person and Online Courses and Training cover various aspects of fire and emergency services for all levels and types of departments. In addition, IAFC also offers Wideland Urban Interface, Scholarships and Fellowships, Conferences, Career Centre, and KnowledgeNet.

25. The National Association of Fire Investigators : (NAFI) provides latest and up-to-date Fire Investigation education and training to Fire Investigators including Fire Investigation Training Program, Advanced Fire Investigation Training Program, and Vehicle Fire Investigation Training Program. NAFI also offers three certifications – Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI) program, and two advanced programs – the Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator (CVFI) and the Certified Fire Investigation Instructor (CFII) program.

26. Oklahoma State University : offers Fire Technology and Safety Engineering Technology (FPST) graduate programs. The degree program is 4-year long, and on completion, graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology. FPST also allows graduates to continue with the Master of Science in Engineering Technology with Fire Safety and Explosion Protection (FSEP) The program is accredited by the TAC/ABET. The degree allows students to search careers in Fire Protection, Safety and Industrial Hygiene, and Municipal and Fire Services. The additional resources offered to the students include Undergraduate Degree Plan, Continuing Education, FPST Scholarships, Students Organizations, and Publications.

27. The Centre for Campus Fire Safety : works for minimizing the loss of life in Nation’s college and university campuses, and provides information on campus fire and life safety collected from various organizations. The Centre also offers training programs, educational materials, activities, library, and a variety of resources for promoting and strengthening fire and life safety in campuses.

28. Fire Scene Evidence Collection Guide App : provides written descriptions and video demonstration for collecting and preserving fire scene evidences including Fire Debris, Finger Prints, Bodily Fluids, Fibre and Fabrics, Electronic Devices, Hairs, Vehicle Fluids, and other evidences. The App also includes facts about evidences collected, checklists for pre-scene and pre-collection releases, and evidence collection FAQ.

29. The Mesothelioma Centre : provides an invaluable guide on the dangers of firefighting and risks faced by Firefighters due to Asbestos exposures. The diseases caused by Asbestos microscopic toxic mineral fibers and substances exposure include Mesothelioma, Asbestosis, Lung Cancer, and Pleural Plaques and Thickening. The PDF Guide by the Mesothelioma Centre informs in detail about the dangers of Asbestos exposure, safety and risk minimization, regular screening for Occupational Diseases, Medical benefits, Compensations, Death Benefits and more.

30. The Community Health Strategies : provides valuable articles, workshops, and resources on Fire Safety for children, families, and communities. The link also provides information to residents on the customized Personal Fire Safety at home training programs for minimizing the danger of Fire injuries and deaths. Also, there are valuable information on Home Safety, alarm installations and inspections, Juvenile Firesetting, and more resources on Fire Safety.

31. http://www.homefiredrill.org/ : offers valuable information and resources on Fire Safety. It informs about the necessities of fire drills at homes, schools, and workplaces, needs of smoke alarms, an exit plan, fire extinguishers, and fire safety games and activities for young children in English, Spanish, and French.

32. The National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors : (NAFED) is a national association of fire equipments trading, selling, distributing, and servicing companies. The association provides valuable information on fire protection equipment and services, training and Certification. The additional resources include Publications, Latest News, Classifieds, Regional Resources, Knowledge Centre, Links, and more.

33. Prevention 1st : provides Fire Training and Awareness Programs, Articles, Research, and Safety Resources for the most vulnerable population like children, older adults, and people with disabilities. The resources provide safety from fire injuries and hazardous environments by saving their lives and keeping them safe. The link also informs about the available Grants and Awards on safety and prevention.

34. The Associated Aerial Firefighters : (AAF) is a forum that promotes wildland aerial firefighting safety and competencies. AAF provides valuable Aerial Fire Fighting resources including Operations, Training, Air Tanker Specifications, Fire Chemicals, Books on Fire Fighting, Enabling Technologies, Links, Safety and Effectiveness, and News & Articles. AAF Memorial Trust Fund provides financial assistance to widows and families of aerial firefighters killed in the line of duty.

35. Fire.gov : provides invaluable resources collected from the Fire Research Division of the NIST’s Engineering Division. These resources include Fire Research Studies and Videos, Disaster and Failure Studies, Fire Fighting Technology, Electronic Safety Equipments, Fire Protection, Personal Protective Equipments, Experimental Fire Data and downloadable fire test MPEG/quick time movies and more additional resources.

36. The Texas Commission on Fire Protection : (TCFP) is responsible for updating and distributing Certification Curriculum Manual for various fire suppression and protection personnel including fire officers, fire inspectors, fire investigators, driver/operators-pumper, hazardous materials technicians, and wildland firefighters. TCFP also offers various additional resources including Texas Fire Service Organizations, Job postings for Texas Fire Service and Non-municipal entities, and TCMP postings.

37. Texas Department of State Heart Services : (DSHS) regulates EMS and Trauma systems in the State of Texas. DSHS provides various information and resources on trauma designation, EMS Education Programs, Certification and Licensure, Funding sources, and more.

38. Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service : is entrusted to provide quality Homeland Security and Fire & Emergency response services, Technical assistance to public safety workers, and Economic and Workforce Development. They also offer accredited and certified Training Certificate Programs and technical assistance to public safety workers both in Texas and around the world. The Link also provides Career services to students, Online Training, Professional Development for Teachers, and additional resources.

39. The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control : is responsible for providing fire services including training and courses, technical assistance programs, responses, safety, and emergency services. NY Homeland Security and Emergency Services also offers a wide range of resources on the Fire Prevention and Control, Fire Information Management, Education, Employment opportunities, unemployment assistance, and comprehensive resources on New York State Services.

40. Columbia Southern University : offers widely recognized, popular, and affordable comprehensive Online Certificate and Degree Programs, and Continuing Education. Besides, they also provide a wide range of resources to students including Career Services, Tuition & Financing – Scholarships and Federal Financial Aid, and FAQs. The students can also find Military Resources including Veteran Centre, and the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Scholarship (MyCAA) and Hero Behind the Hero Scholarship Program

41. Women in Fire & Emergency Services : (iWomen) is International Association of Women in Fire & Emergency Services that offers Networking & Communications opportunities to Fire Service Women. The iWomen also offers various Fire Services Resources including Links, Job Board for Fire Fighters, Fire Service personnel, and EMS professionals, FAQs and additional Resources.

42. Alabama Fire College  : (AFC) offers a wide variety and comprehensive Fire Fighters and EMS Training, Certification and non-Certification Courses, Fee-Waived Courses, Armed Forces Training,  Workplace Safety Training, Testing, and Veterans Benefits.

43. The Phoenix Fire Department : offers Firefighter Recruitment, Downloadable Study Guide, Written Exam, FAQ, and Employment Link for Careers in Fire fighting and other departments. In addition, Fire Department also provides valuable resources and information on Fire prevention, safety, and property protection, Training Academy for Firefighters Recruitment Training, Fire Publications, Water Safety, Volunteer CERT, Cadet & Community Programs, Car Safety Seats and more.

44. Arkansas State Firefighters Association : (ASFFA) works for advancement and establishment of Firefighters schools, training, fire prevention and safety, competency, and Benefits. ASFFA also provides Arkansas Fire Academy Class schedules.

45. Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control : offers various services and resources on firefighting including Professional Qualification and Training, Fire & Life Safety, Centre of Excellence for Advanced Technology, Aerial Firefighting, Wildland Fire Management, and Wildfire Information Resource Centre. DFPC also offers Wildland Fire Careers, Investigations, and Grants.

46. Colorado Spring Fire Department : (CSFD) provides a wide range of resources on Wildfire Mitigation, Careers, and Fire Prevention and Safety. Also, CSFD offers services for Application, Testing, and Selection process, Fire Code Resources, Outdoor Burning Guidelines, and Protecting Homes from Wildfire.

47. The Connecticut Commission on Fire Prevention and Control : provides a wide range of firefighting resources including CT Fire Training Academy’s Fire Training and Education, The Recruit Firefighter Program, Certification, Physical Ability Test, Forms, and Book Store. In addition, the Link also provides a list of Fire Service Organizations, CT Fire – Rescue Disaster and Response Plan, Fire Safety Information, Candidate’s Physical Ability Test, Bookstore, Training and Certification FAQs.

48. The Florida Firefighters Safety & Health Collaborative : (FFHSC) provides free training, education, and safe practice resources to reduce risks and exposures faced by the State Firefighters. The FFHSC also offers invaluable additional resources on Cancer Prevention, Mental Wellness, Fitness, and Safety.

49. Division of Florida State Fire Marshall : (SFM) provides training, education, and a wide range of resources on Fire Prevention, Bureau of Fire Standard Training – Florida State Fire College, Fire Service Certification and Testing, Student Services, Forms, and Regulatory Licensing, and more. SFM also offers information on Volunteer Firefighter, The Online Volunteer Firefighter Training Program, and Guidelines for Part 1 Certificate of Training Completion, and available opportunities.

50. The Arkansas Fire Training Academy : provides high quality and state-of-the-art techniques, different level education, courses, and training on Firefighting, EMS, and Hazardous Materials. The Arkansas Fire Training Academy is accredited by the recognized State and nation’s accredited agencies for certifying Firefighting, Hazardous Materials, and Emergency Medical Services personnel. The website resources also include On-Campus and Off-Campus Schedules, and Southern Arkansas University Tech’s Fire Science Management and Fire and Emergency Response degrees.

51. Gov State Fire Commissioner (OSFC) : is entrusted with the responsibility of providing Training and Courses, Operations Services, and Fire information to the fire and emergency service community of Commonwealth. The additional resources offered by the OSFC include the Volunteer Loan Assistance Program (VLAP), Fire Safety Education Program, Emergency Service Training Program, Juvenile Fire-Setters Intervention program, Community Safety Education, Volunteer recruitment and retention, and Firefighters Safety. OSFC also manage PA State Fire Academy that provides resident and weekend programs for Firefighters, Rescue Personnel, Hazardous Material Teams, Arson Investigators, and other Emergency Responders.

52. County of Morris, NJ Public Safety Training Academy : meets the training needs of County and out of County Fire and Emergency Services. They also provide a comprehensive List of Fire Courses, EMT Courses, Refresher Courses, Outreach Program, Course Schedules and Costs, and Fire Science Degree.

53. The Washington Fire Training Academy (FTA) : of the Washington State Patrol Fire Training Academy provides a wide range of accredited Fire and Safety Training, Certification, and Testing, and facilities including Open Enrolment Classes and Courses, Recruit Academy Program, and Co-Op Scheduled Training or Live Fire Training. FTA also offers Marine Firefighting Program, Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Program, and Facilities for various purpose and uses including training.

54. The Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI) : of the University of Maryland is the Fire Training and Services Agency of the State. MRFI offers Training, Courses Catalogues and Schedules, Learning Management System, Facilities, and Transcripts & Certificates. The downloadable Resources and Activities include Quiz of the Month, Drill of the Month, Active Assailant Awareness Training, Certification, and Student Resources for Fire, EMS, MGMT, HM, RES, and PDI.

55. Colorado Mountain College’s (CMC) Fire Academy : offers a wide range of high-quality Fire Training Programs, Degrees, and Certificates including Fire Academy I entry-level and Fire Academy II Certification Programs and Certificates. The CMC also provides comprehensive EMS, Paramedic & Fire Science Programs and Certificates. Veterans, Spouses, and Dependents can also avail Programs and Services, Tuition Discounts, and Education Benefits.

56. National Testing Network : offers a wide range of Tests and Jobs to public servants and professionals in Arizona. The Fire Tests Physical Exam for candidates includes CPAT, ORPAT, Firefighter Mile, and Medic Mile. The Written Exams include Firefighter – FireTEAM, Corrections – REACT, Juvenile Corrections – IMPACT, Law Enforcement – Frontline National, and Emergency Communications – ECOMM. The candidates can also apply for a variety of Jobs including Firefighters Jobs, Juvenile Correction Jobs, EMT Jobs, Law Enforcement Jobs, and Emergency Communication Jobs. The Link also offers Department FAQs and Candidates FAQs on Testing.

57. Oklahoma Tulsa Regional Fire Academy : of the Tulsa Community College (TCC) offers Fire Academy courses that allow students to become a Fire Fighter and qualify them for Certification on various Fire services. TCC also provides Emergency Medical Services and Paramedic Programs that lead to Certifications and Degrees for a fruitful Career in Fire and EMS fields. The Tulsa Community College also offers various Student resources, Campus Life, and Clubs & Organizations.

58. The Georgia Fire Academy : (GFA) of GA Safety Training Centre (GPSTC) offers basic and advanced courses and training to students and volunteers for career opportunities in firefighting. GFA is also selected by the National Fire Academy (NFA) for offering National Level training in Georgia. The students can also opt for a wide range of Courses, Online Training, and Courses, Featured Training, and Certificate Programs and additional resources.

59. Montana State University (MSU) : Fire Service Training School (FSTS) is responsible for offering a variety of Academies and Certifications on Fire and Rescue services. FSTS also offers a library of resources including the latest instructions, curriculum, Books, DVD’s, Training Photos and Videos, and more.

60. Eastern Idaho Fire Academy : is established in partnership between College of Eastern Idaho and 35 paid and volunteer fire departments of Eastern Idaho for offering classroom and hands-on training in “real world” scenarios, and Online Instruction to regional and rural firefighters. The Fire Service Technology program and Courses include Customized Training, Fire Trainings, Emergency Services Trainings, On-line distance education, Certification, Testing, Student Services, and more resources. Idaho’s Technical College System consisting of 7 institutions offer an Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Service Technology (FST).

61. Firefighter Medic and Rescue Jobs – Get Online Books and Resources on Firefighter Careers, Exams, Videos, and know how to become a Firefighter, EMT- Paramedic, and Wildland Forest Firefighter.

62. Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Indiana Law Enforcement Academy provides law enforcement education. The Academy is known for offering values and respect based rigorous training to law enforcement professionals.

63. A Research Guide for Students by I Lee – A free, no-frills education site with a Virtual Library of Useful URLs arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification.